How Do I Find Quality Tenants?

Vibe Realty's Property Manager recognises the importance of sourcing and selecting the best tenants for your property. The internet is an excellent source of tenants, and we work with websites and digital photographs. During inspections, the Property Manager can informally interview prospective tenants. If interested, they are required to complete a detailed application providing references, which we thoroughly check. Final selection of the most suitable tenant is at the landlord's discretion, based upon the Property Managers advice and recommendation.


How Often Do You Do Inspections?

We carry out the first routine inspection 4-6 weeks from the Lease start date, then every 3-4 months with written reports after each inspection.   Once a tenant gives notice of their intention to vacate, a formal vacating inspection scheduled once keys have been returned and conducted by your Property Manager before the bond is returned. Furthermore, our trades people are conscious of reporting any possible problems to our Property Managers after attending your property.


Do You Use Cost Effective & Reputable Tradespeople?

Vibe Realty use only the most qualified tradespeople and who have a good knowledge of Property Management.  These experienced tradespeople have been carefully selected by and have been proven to be reliable and reasonably priced. Vibe Realty receives no rebates from tradespeople, thus ensuring that our landlords get the most cost effective service.  Many of our tradespeople are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergencies.


Are You Easily Contactable ?

The secret of successful Property Management is communication. We are contactable by office phone, email, fax, mobile phone and mail.  It is our company policy to try to return phone calls or emails by the close of business the same day.







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