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When you appoint a Real Estate Professional to look after your best interests you want a person who you can prove that you will receive the best service, dedication and attention at all times. Please read below the real words that real people say about the real service that Vibe Realty has given them.


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Michele from vibe realty has now been our property manager for the last 6 years for our investment property at genesis, Coomera. She is AMAZING and I can not rate her highly enough. She is fair (to all parties involved), reliable and has extremely high standards. I have 100% faith in everything that she stands for and I am so thankful to have her look after our property. Her communication is faultless and she has great attention to detail. Michele has always been very thorough in choosing great tenants and is so fair in providing advice and service that benefits both tenants and landlords alike. On one occasion we needed to make a claim through QCAT and because Michele had kept every ounce of evidence it meant that we got every cent that we were owed. She dealt with the whole QCAT process and we were so pleased with her abilities. We have a couple of investment properties across Australia and I wish all of the property managers were as amazing as Michele!! I canít rate Michele highly enough. I recommend her to anyone that i know in the area. Keep up the great work, Michele!!


Jess Myles



I had my first investment house managed by Vibe Realty for nearly a year and with my busy kind of job and the normal anxiety of being first time property investor, Vibe Realty has completely taken that burden through managing my property. The regular updates, on-hands job, and most importantly one -to-one business with Michele Linington ,a wonderful real estate agent. I strongly recommend her and Vibe Realty to anybody looking for property management around her catchment area.

Moemen Morris



"Vibe Realty has managed our property for us for the last 4 years and has been a great weight lifted from our shoulders. Our property has been well maintained and we have been kept up-to-date with photos from all inspections. Rental monies are always deposited on the specified day and have not had a problem with any tenants. Any maintenance issues that arise we are informed immediately. Statements monthly and at financial year end are issued to us timeously. Thank you Michele (Vibe Realty) for the great service you provide. We would recommend Vibe Realty to anyone seeking peace-of-mind."

P&B Thesner



We believe that every one of our clients is viewed and treated as though they are a friend and family member.  Why?  The cynics will say this is just a sales pitch because business is business.  That's partially true, business is business, but who would you try harder to look after in a vital matter, your family or someone at work?  Of course, your family would take priority.  So, We view every one of our clients as part of our family, this is a vital and central attitude of mind that ensures We put everything We can into the sale of your home.





Whether you are buying an investment property or a new home to live in, there are some common problems you need to be aware of to ensure your purchasing experience is stress free and risk free. These few buying tips will make you aware of some of the pitfalls and ways to avoid them.


Why Are You Buying?

Think about why you are purchasing the property. If you intend living in the property does it really suit your needs? If you have young children or elderly people living with you, you might wish to avoid stairs and prefer a level block. Do you intend to install a pool in the future? Is the garden too big or too small? Will you need more bedrooms in future? Is it close to schools etc.




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Vibe Realty understands the internet is continually changing the way that business is conducted. Harnessing these changes enables us to more effectively market your property to ensure your best interests are given priority. Our business strategy has been developed to take full advantage of the latest digital technology to assist both customers and sales associates in the buying and selling of real estate. Vibe Realty provides dynamic service to our clients through combining extensive property marketing experience with state-of-the-art online processes.


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